Kallan's Voice Will be Heard Again !!

Enhancing the Lives of the Children in the Community in which Kallan Lived

Kallan's Klan enhances the lives of the children in the community in which Kallan lived.  Currently, Kallan's Klan is supporting a team in the East Pennsboro Panther United (EPPU).  This support is in the form of sponsoring them in a 2009 soccer tournament. 

Kallan's Klan will continue to support the children in Kallan's Community to make their lives a little better.

Searching For a CURE for Pediatric Cancer !!

Current Programs


Kallan's Klan is dedicated to supporting education for Pediatric Cancer.

Currently Kallan's Klan is working on an Education FACILITY to assist families in finding information and assistance for their child. 

We also have many hard copy publications for any family that is need of this material. 

We will continue to improve our web site to provide even more education resources, and we also want to provide child appropriate materials so that children will be able to understand, in their terms, what they are experiencing.

Kallan Leigh Hammaker Memorial Scholarship for a Brain Tumor Survivor

Kallan's Klan offers a scholarship to a pediatric brain tumor survivor who received most of their treatment at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center.  This will provide those survivors some financial assistance to pursue any post-secondary education.



Kallan Leigh Hammaker Memorial Scholarship for a Student in the EPASD

Kallan's Klan offers a scholarship to a student of the EPASD who wants to pursue a degree in Elementary Education. Kallan's Klan decided on Elementary Education because Kallan's dream was to be an Elementary School Teacher.  This will allow a student to pursue their dream and Kallan's at the same time.

Kallan's Korner

Kallan's Korner is healthy education playground with a bike path that will be located at the West Creek Hills Elementary School.

Childhood obesity and children's lack of knowledge on the importance of an active lifestyle and proper nutrition, lead to many avoidable childhood illnesses.  Our goal is to help these children in a fun, healthy way !!

Kallan's Helping Hand for Pediatric Brain Tumor Patients

Kallan's Klan will provide those items to pediatric brain tumor patients that are needed and the family has no other resources to provide these items to their child.  To qualify, have your social worker contact us and we will take care of the rest.

Support of Pediatric Brain Tumor Clinical Trials

Kallan's Klan supports thru education and financial support, those clinical trials which Kallan's Klan believes has the most chance of curing RECURRENT Pediatric Brain tumors.

Recurrence in Pediatric Brain Tumor patients happens frequently without a solid treatment plan put forth by most pediatric Oncologists.  These clinical trials will hopefully provide a cure for these children who unfortunately have to endure more therapy as a result of their illness.

Kallan's Klan has supported I-3F8/I-8H9 at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute in New York City.  Kallan's Klan donated $10,000 to this clinical trial and believes in Dr. Kim Kramer and Dr. Ira Dunkle in the work that they are doing.

Kallan's Klan will support other clinical trials for Pediatric Brain Tumor Patients in the future.