Guide to Ependomomas (as provided by the ABTA)

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Low Grade Astrocytomas

Guide to Low Grade Astrocytomas (as provided by the ABTA)

Kallan's Klan is not responsible for the information on the links or PDF's we have selectively posted and are not endorsements.  This is not a substitute for medical advice.  Information will change as we move forward.

Having said that, Kallan's Klan does know, thru experience, how hard it is to find information.  We do hope this steers you in the right direction for your child.

Education is one of the weapons that is necessary to defeat this disease and cure your child.



Searching For a CURE for Pediatric Cancer !!

We are not Dr's.  We do have an immense amount of Knowledge and want to share that knowledge, so parents and caregivers have a starting point.

There are many types of Pediatric Cancer.  Our goal, as our organization grows, is to offer a one-stop shopping for ALL Pediatric Cancers.

Currently, our knowledge is in Pediatric Brain Tumors, and specifically, our expertise is in the most common, Medulloblastoma, mainly because we lived it for the past five years. This will be the focus of this site, for now.

Pediatric Brain Tumor Books

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Brain Tumor Primer (as provided by the ABTA)

Supplied by the CBTF

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Supplied by the NBTA

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Periphial Issues and What to do


Peripheral Issues

Stem Cells and their Roles in the Creation of Medulloblastoma in a Child