Kallan's Voice Will be Heard Again !!

Searching For a CURE for Pediatric Cancer !!


Relapses for Medulloblastoma are difficult, because it means that the cells that survived the initial therapy are strong, and these cells are more difficult to kill -- not impossible, just more of a challenge.

We will offer advice, resources, and strategy on how to approach a relapse.  We will share what we learned with Kallan, and what we wish we would have done, as the order of how things are done, and timing is everything.

Whatever you decide, it is imperative you get a 2nd opinion from another Pediatric Oncologist in which their speciality is Medulloblastomas.

Strategy of a Relapse

Stem Cell Transplant for Relapsed Pediatric Brain Tumor Patients

Stem Cell Transplant At MSK

Stem Cell Transplant Process

Stem Cell Transplant at Hershey Med

Kallan did her Transplant at Hershey Med and had the best doctors as anywhere in the country.  Even though she had complications, they were diagnosed and treated quickly.

Complications of a Autologus Stem Cell Transplant

Veno-Oculusive Disease

Drug used to Fight Veno Oculusive Disease -- Defibrotide

Defibrotide saved Kallan's Life during transplant when she came down with VOD. 

Avistan/Irinotecan has shown real promise in Relapsed Medulloblastoma

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St Judes research on the Signaling Pathway known as the Sonic Hedgehog.

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Links to Dr's and Institutions that Specialize in Medulloblastoma Relapses

Dr.Roger Packer

Dr. Kim Kramer

Dr. Ira Dunkle

Dr. Susan Blaney

Dr. Mark Kieran

Other Research on Medulloblastomas


Gamma Knife Surgery

Kallan had Gamma Knife Surgery two different times and she did fine.  What we did see is that it stopped the growth immediately and killed the tumors/leisions she had when she relapsed.

We will caution that on larger tumors it will leave residual radiation necrosis, but a good Neuro-Surgeon will follow this closely.

Target based therapy known as Octreotide shows promise.

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Kallan's Klan is a huge supporter of targeted based therapies for Medulloblastoma relapses and Leptomengial Spread such as I-3F8.

Kallan participated in the I-3F8 clinical trial, and unfortunately, Kallan had "bulky" disease and the drug was unable to penetrate the lesions to kill them.  What we did see is that it killed the cancer that was smaller, and stopped, "in their tracks", the lesions that were larger.

I-3F8 needs funding so that it can penetrate larger lesions in the CNS.  This may well be the "silver bullet" that relapsed Medulloblastoma patients have been looking for.

We will support this therapy thru financial support and educating other families.